We believe in the power of diverse voices and conversation as a catalyst for change.

Taking action on our climate emergency needs to be a shared endeavour. We are proud of our storytelling expertise and the ability we have to connect and impact audiences that matter. We are proud, too, of the role we can play in sharing how ambitious organisations are seeking to have a positive impact on climate change.

The Industry News team at ITN Productions recognises the potential that people and industry have in sharing insights and listening to each other. Our series of Industry Voices is a collection of thought leadership content, real work in action and personal stories which we hope will inspire, educate and generate debate on how we can achieve a common goal.

Programme Highlights



#NoTurningBack raises awareness about how the shipping industry is making important steps towards decarbonisation.

Bioenergy for the Future

World Bioenergy Association (WBA)

‘Bioenergy for the Future' brings to life why Bioenergy has a significant role to play in carbon removal, emissions reduction as well as in the development of bioenergy-based fuel alternatives for fossil fuels.

The Chemical Industry:
Our Route to Net Zero

Chemical Industries Association (CIA)

‘The Chemical Industry: Our Route to Net Zero’ explores how the chemical industry is at the forefront of the new revolution to make products sustainable, vital in helping the UK achieve its net zero target by 2050.

Building a Greener Britain

Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

‘Building a Greener Britain’ raises awareness of the ways in which the construction industry is proactively prioritising climate change. This programme coincides with the CLC’s CO2nstruct Zero plan.

Blue-Sky Thinking: The race to achieve net zero emissions

International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

‘Blue Sky Thinking’ highlights why reducing carbon emissions is one of the biggest challenges of our age and showcases different methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including the economic incentives of emissions trading.

Solar Energy:
Route to Net Zero

Solar Energy UK (SEUK)

‘Solar Energy: Route to Net Zero’ explores the vital work being done in the solar energy sector and the new technologies increasing efficiency.

Our ambition with this content series is to bring to life the real work being done by business, big and small, across multiple sectors and geographies, who are seeking to make a difference.

actis (REEEP)

actis is helping to facilitate much needed investments and is focused on the importance of building emerging economies sustainably.

Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (WBA)

Advanced Biofuel Solutions have created their Radgas technology working towards a circular net zero economy.

Arcadis (CLC)

Arcadis are helping the construction sector become greener and encouraging others to follow suit by introducing their fleet of electric vehicles.


The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa aims to bring clean, off-grid energy access to up to six million people in at least five African countries by 2026.

Bitrez (CIA)

Bitrez is helping clients drive towards net zero targets through its innovative materials, providing businesses with clean alternatives to petrochemicals.

C-Capture (IETA)

C-Capture is an example of technology that can be applied to most processes requiring CO2 separation.

Centrica (SEUK)

Centrica is working with clients to help them de-carbonise and reach their net-zero goals as well as looking into solar storage solutions for the future.

Clinton Foundation (REEEP)

The Clinton Foundation is supporting islands such as the Seychelles with the development of floating solar.

C-Quest Capital (IETA)

C-Quest Capital aim to use carbon finance to achieve a long-term transition to cleaner and more sustainable cooking practices across Africa


This film demonstrates how natural resources in the French Alps are being harnessed for sustainable energy.


Exploring how pump storage hydropower in the Swiss Alps works and is at the forefront of renewable clean energy.


HFW discuss the complexities of transitional risk and the importance of understanding future regulatory and policy frameworks.

Huawei (SEUK)

Using their expertise in digital information technology, as well as significant investment in research and development, Huawei show that image is a thing of the past.


ICE showcase economic policy solutions for getting to net zero, reducing greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively and hedging carbon price risk.

ICE Costa Rica (IHA)

For most of 2020, Costa Rica ran 100% of its electricity on hydropower – this film shows how they achieved it.


INEOS O&P UK at Grangemouth are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 37% and supporting Scotland's carbon capture and storage project using depleted oil fields.

Innovate UK (CLC)

An integral part of the government's Construction Sector Deal, is the UKRI’s Transforming Construction Challenge which is aiming to accelerate the shift in construction towards manufacturing and digital processes.

Inovyn (CIA)

Inovyn, part of the Ineos group, is involved in many projects to accelerate the use of Hydrogen across Europe and to work towards the UK net zero targets.

Justsen Energiteknik (WBA)

Ecotec Services and Justsen Energiteknik are working in partnership to educate and help bioenergy to be seen as a viable option for reusable and sustainable energy for the future.

Koura (CIA)

Koura showcase their cleaner, greener versions of fluroproducts that are used in millions of everyday applications around the world.

Marsh Commercial (WBA)

Marsh Commercial is helping their clients to support the deployment of AD plants and show how bioenergy, in particular Anaerobic Digestion, has the potential to contribute to net zero.

Next Energy (SEUK)

Next Energy Capital Group is behind the UK’s largest solar farm ever constructed and energised which is called ‘Llanwern’.

Novartis (IETA)

Novartis aims to be net zero in its operations by 2025, by showcasing how human health and planetary health are intrinsically linked.


Private Financing Advisory Network has helped to facilitate investment for 175 projects across Central America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


As we move to make construction net-zero, Rider Levett Bucknall is changing the conversation so that sustainability is no longer considered as an add-on.

Robinson Brothers (CIA)

The team at Robinson Brothers Ltd highlight how the company is challenging the perceptions around chemical companies and the environment.

Saint Gobain (CLC)

Saint-Gobain’s Glass plant in Yorkshire increases production capacity and produces glass using less energy with higher levels of recycling and more innovation.

Sarawak (IHA)

Showcasing how this energy firm is leveraging Malaysia’s natural resources to create hydropower.

Seven Trent Green Power (WBA)

Severn Trent Green Power is eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by converting food waste from right across the UK into energy that sustainably powers and heats local communities.

Solar X Power (SEUK)

Solar X Power, normally known for its power systems in homes and businesses has been driving the charge into new areas.

Standard Gas (WBA)

Standard Gas Technologies is converting our waste into renewable, carbon-removing energy to eradicate Greenhouse gas emissions.

Verra (IETA)

Verra explain the importance of setting standards for a sustainable future and highlights how carbon credits benefit blue carbon projects.

Voith (IHA)

This film explores intelligent hydropower – how technology is making hydropower more sophisticated and effective.

Voltalia (SEUK)

Voltalia produces and sells electricity generated from solar, which it owns and operates. They are also a service provider and support their clients in renewable energy projects.

Wildlife Works (IETA)

Wildlife Works is working hard in the global south to help communities protect wilderness and wildlife, showing how they measure results effectively.

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